Musical Valentine’s day @ Sentier des Halles

Hidden Garden will be opening for Philippe Barbot this next tuesday at 21h45. We’ll be glad to present you our new songs and new EP.

Sentier des Halles, 50 Rue Aboukir  75002 Paris, 01 40 26 22 79

You can book (Philippe Barbot)

Hope to see you there. Soon you’ll discover photos and videos of our last show…

Sentier des Halles update!

Petit changement pour les dates au Sentier des Halles: nous jouerons finalement le 31 janvier à 21h30 et le 14 février même heure en trio guitare/violoncelle/voix et le 6 mars en guitare/voix.

Nous sommes fiers d’assurer la première partie de Barbot que vous pourrez découvrir via le lien suivant.

Venez nombreux découvrir toutes nos nouvelles chansons.

Réservations ici :

mardi 31 janvier, à 21:30, à LE SENTIER DES HALLES (LSDH)

Hidden Garden@Studio de l’Ermitage


All the pictures you’ll see above have been taken by  Thierry Gromik. Special thanks to him and to Association Les Voix for having invited us to perform during their annual party. It was great great fun!

If you want to see more photos, you can follow this link.

VIEW FROM THE BALCONY. The song we play is « Old Bird », can you hear the softness of the cello?

So many people came to see Hidden Garden, the Studio de l’Ermitage was crowded!


Martina, concentrated on her instrument.

The cellist having a glance at the singer. « Small one », a song about learning to be a mother…

Guitarist playing Gretsch!

The song is called Yeah Yeah, whe think it’s a single, don’t you?

Love this picture, so romantic and intimate…

Orna’s profile and intense look!

Our trio.


Hidden Garden’s guitarist and cellist.

Gig@Studio de l’Ermitage

December 12th been a great night for Hidden Garden! We’ve been performing in a crowded Studio de l’Ermitage. Martina was on cello, Julien was on Gretsch and Orna was singing.

Have a look at these pictures of Hidden Garden and tell us what you think! If you were there, Orna Danecan, Julien Le Nagard and Martina Rodriguez thank you for coming again. If you were not, Rendez-vous @ Sentier des Halles on january 31st for a new concert…

Gigs to come/ Concerts à venir

12 th december, STUDIO DE L’ERMITAGE

Our trio will be playing a few songs at The annual party of the association Les Voix. Great occasion for us to present our new EP!

31 st january, SENTIER DES HALLES

Our dearest friend Barbot has kindly invited us to open for him at the Sentier des Halles at 10 PM. We’ll be presenting our new songs for 30 mn, and then you’ll be able to discover Barbot new album. He’s a famous french journalist who composes and sings like a true artist! This man can do everything, he’s multi talented, come and discover him. Listen to his music on !

7 th february, SENTIER DES HALLES

10 PM, same show as previous. We’ll be having a great time, hope you’ll come to support us and Barbot! If you don’t already know the place, you’ll see it’s a mythic and lovely one! Located in the center of Parids; close to metro Bourse.

14 th february, SENTIER DES HALLES

Valentine’s day! Nice day for our last show at le Sentier des Halles. Again, we’ll be performing for half an hour, playing our new songs and presenting our 4 titles EP. Martin’s on cello, Julien’s on guitar, keyboards, Orna sings!

Concert au Studio de L’Ermitage le 12 décembre/ Gig at The Studio de l’Ermitage12th december

We’ll be playing a few songs at the Studio de l’Ermitage for a very special private night… For its annual party, the Association « Les Voix » has been asking Orna, whose a member of it, to perform with her group.  The association represents the most importants « voices » in France. The members lend their spoken voices to commercials, documentaries, voice overs, dubbing etc. We’ll be proud and shy to make them discover our music!


Technical sheet / Fiche technique

  1. CHANT/GUITARE (Orna) : 1 micro statique KMS 105 Newman + 1 pied de micro + 1 retour + 1 guitare électro-acoustique en DI
  2. GUITARE (Martial): 1 guitare Gretsch  + 1 ampli guitare  + 1 retour
  3. VIOLONCELLE (Martina) :  1 micro + 1 cellule + un looper+ un micro chant + 1 retour

On stage / Sur Scène

Plusieurs formations sont possibles en fonction du budget et de l’espace:

  • 2 musiciens: (pour premières parties) guitare/voix
  • 3 musiciens: guitare/violoncelle/voix
  • 4 musiciens: guitare/violoncelle/batterie/voix

Le set a une durée d’1h15 et mélange morceaux en anglais et français.